LASA Japanese Students Success in Nengajo Contest

Nengajo are greeting cards sent during the New Year in Japan. They are commonly exchanged between friends, family, neighbors, and businesses that had good a relationship during the previous year and to express their gratitude in the hopes of preserving good relations in the year ahead. 

The Japan America Society Dallas Fort Worth organization held their annual Nengajo contest. Congratulations to the following LASA students on their awards in the various categories in the high school section competition: 

  • Humorous: 1st Place- Miss Davis Hullum (11)
  • Creative: 1st Place - Vivian Prather (11)
  • Creative: 3rd Place - Sarah Nyser (9)
  • Staff Pick: Cori - Margareth Contreras Montoya (11)
  • Staff Pick: Sarah - Angel Do (10)
  • Staff Pick: Eli - Shaan Barman (11)