Level Changes

Level changes are only available for courses whose content is presented with different levels of rigor:
Algebra II, Calculus, Computer Science, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Spanish III, and Statistics.

Level Change Form


Difference in math Pre-AP courses & math course with Bonus Content (BC):


Pre-AP courses are honors classes focused on formalizing mathematical ideas, algebraic description, and manipulation. These courses are geared toward students who can handle abstract mathematical concepts with assistance and are aligned with the curriculum and

pacing to prepare students for AB Calculus.

With Bonus Content (BC)

These courses are accelerated with additional topics beyond the Pre-AP course and are focused on theory and derivation of concepts through proofs. Students in these classes should be independent learners capable of developing abstract mathematical connections on their own or with little assistance. These math courses are aligned with the curriculum and pacing to prepare students for BC Calculus.

Level Change Guidelines:

  • Level changes will only be considered around the 4th week of school, the end of the first semester, and near the end of the 4th week of the 3rd grading period. These times are stated on the Level Change Form.
  • A student may be eligible for a level change if their six weeks or semester average is a 75 or below and if they are consistently attending LASA office hours with their teacher.
  • Once a requested schedule change is approved, it will not be changed back or revisited.
  • Level Change Forms are located in the front office. Please see the Student Handbook for further explanation of AISD and LASA schedule change policies.