Student Ranking

Because admission to LASA is competitive and tested aptitudes are above the national average, rank in class cannot be regarded as a valid indication of preparation for college for the students at LASA. For this reason, we only report class rank for the top ten percent of the senior class applying to Texas public universities pursuant to Texas Education Code Section 51.803.

Class rank will be available upon written request beginning in the summer after completion of 10th grade. This notification period is for any and all students that just completed sophomore, junior or senior year. All requests must be in writing addressed to the Registrar’s office and mailed via USPS (No email requests can be made). Requests must be made by parent/guardians and not students.

Typically, requests may be made starting the last week of July through the third week of August at which time rank certification letters will be sent out via regular mail. Requests at any other time of the school year will not be filled.

When requesting rank, please provide the following information for security purposes:

  • Student Name

  • Student ID#

  • Student D.O.B.

  • Last four digits of student SS#

  • Exact mailing address

While not required, it is extremely helpful to provide a self-addressed (to the parent/guardian), stamped envelope for LASA to send it back via the USPS.

USPS Mailing Info:

c/o Ms. Cindy Dwinells
1012 Arthur Stiles Road
Austin, TX 78721