World Languages

The World Languages (formerly known as Languages Other Than English (LOTE)) Department offers courses in seven different languages: Spanish, French, Latin, German, Chinese, Japanese, and ASL. 

Our classrooms revolve around the three modes of communication and focus on proficiency in the language. Students will interact with their peers and teacher in both interpersonal and presentation formats, as well as interpret authentic texts and materials from the target language and culture. Our teachers create immersive environments where the target language is the official language of the classroom, used by both the teacher and students alike. Students will also gain extensive cultural knowledge, focusing on the practices, products, and perspectives of the countries where the target language is spoken. 

All level 3 courses are Pre-AP and most level 4 courses are AP. Spanish offers a level 4 Honors course. 

Graduation Requirements:

Three consecutive years in the same language OR two successful, consecutive years of one language plus two successful, consecutive years of another language (for a minimum of 4 credits)  are required to graduate, with options to be placed in higher-level courses based on previous linguistic experience.

Additional Course Offerings:

Note: Some of the courses listed below (*) are only offered in alternating years

  • American Sign Language (ASL) - Levels 1-4 are available (with more levels to come in the future)
  • CHINESE Levels 1-6+ are available
  • FRENCH: Levels 1-6+ are available
  • GERMAN: Levels 1-6+ are available
  • JAPANESE: Levels 1-6+ are available
  • LATIN: Levels 1-6+ are available
  • SPANISH: Levels 1-6+ are available