Magnet Endorsement

Distinguished Level of Achievement–Graduation Plan & LASA Magnet Endorsement

The Magnet Endorsement signifies that students have gone above and beyond the state and district requirements for graduation. All LASA students will default to the multidisciplinary endorsement. All LASA students are expected to work towards receiving the Magnet endorsement. As a result, all LASA students will be following a course plan that is more rigorous than the plan required by the Distinguished Level of Achievement Graduation Plan. Successful completion of the LASA Magnet Endorsement will result in the successful completion of the requirements for the following three endorsements: Multidisciplinary; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; and Arts and Humanities.

AISD Distinguished Graduation Requirements Chart

To receive the LASA Magnet Endorsement a student must complete:

  • All four LASA Signature Courses

  • Up through level 3 of the same language OR two successful, consecutive years of one language plus two successful, consecutive years of another language (for a minimum of 4 credits) of a World Languages

  • English

  • 4 years of Math at LASA

  • 4 years of English to include, English 1, 2, AP English 3 and AP English 4

  • 4 years of Science at LASA to include biology, chemistry or AP Chemistry, physics or AP Physics and an Advanced Science

  • 4 years of Social Studies with at least 3.0 credits received at LASA, credits must include World Geography and AP World History

  • Credit in Technology (students will chose from an approved list which can be found in the Course Guide)

*Please see the course guide for the most up-to-date info as approved list of courses for the different departments may change each year.

The Austin Independent School District requires every student take 0.5 credits of Health for graduation. LASA does not teach Health. Students make take Health online through Garza HS during the summer or during the school year (still online through Garza).

View a Typical LASA High School Four-Year Plan

Electives during the junior and senior year must be aligned to LASA’s Magnet Endorsement.