Social Studies

LASA Social Studies seeks to foster students who have a critical understanding of world events, both past and present, and who can be active citizens of that world. Since we want to foster that critical understanding, our curriculum is focused around analyzing the issues which have shaped, and continue to shape, our world.  

Graduation Requirements:

At LASA, students take a social studies course every year: World Geography (9th), AP World History (10th), AP U.S. History (11th), AP U.S. Government & AP Macroeconomics (12th). The curriculum of each course is geared towards building the critical understanding which is part of our departmental mission.

Additional Course Offerings:

Note: Some of the courses listed below (*) are only offered in alternating years

  • Amateur Radio (0.5)
  • Ethnic Studies (1.0)
  • Mock Trial* (0.5)
  • American Film Analysis (0.5)
  • AP European History (1.0)
  • Model UN I, II* (1.0)
  • AP Comparative Government* (0.5)
  • Facing History & Ourselves (0.5)
  • Native American History* (0.5)
  • Constitutional Law (0.5)
  • AP Human Geography (1.0)
  • AP Psychology (1.0)
  • Contemporary Issues (0.5)
  • AP Microeconomics (0.5)
  • Street Law (0.5)