Johnston Archives

Viewing Johnston Memorabilia

LASA HS houses a variety of materials from Johnston HS, including yearbooks, some school and club archives, and a Legacy Hall of memorabilia and ephemera.  These items may be viewed, photographed, and used for research.

The Archives are open by appointment only, Wednesday-Friday between 11am and 4pm.  Once the form is completed you will be contacted by LASA staff to schedule an appointment.

In possession of Johnston yearbooks: 1961, 1963-1973, 1975-1991, 1993-2007

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JHS Vietnam Veteran Memorial

Interview with Larry Amaro 

Larry Amaro JHS '70 shares his experience about his years attending Johnston High School and thoughts about Johnston's emotional closure.

Larry Amaro discusses Johnston Memorial

Larry Amaro JHS '70 talks about solders being honored 19 who were killed in Vietnam and three soldiers that passed in other locations.  cont

Larry Amaro JHS '70 talks about the JHS Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Larry Amaro JHS '70 talks about the JHS Vietnam Veterans Memorial 

JHS Alumni Memories

If you are interested in conducting an oral history about your memories of JHS, please contact the LASA Librarian at