Four-Year Plan

Why do I have to do a four-year plan?

In 2013, the State of Texas passed House Bill 5 (HB5), which requires all students enrolled in a Texas public high school to complete a four year plan. LASA requires incoming students to complete their four year plan at the beginning of their time at LASA. The four year plan is only a plan and can be changed at any time with your academic counselor. 

Typical LASA High School four-year plan

Details will vary from student to student. 

Electives during the junior and senior year must be aligned to LASA’s Magnet Endorsement. 

LASA Four-Year Sample Plan

Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year
Electronic Magazine (blk) Planet Earth (blk)    
Science & Technology (blk) Great Ideas (blk)    
English I English II AP English III (Language) AP English IV (Literature)
Core Mathematics Core Mathematics Core Mathematics AP Mathematics or other Math
Biology Chemistry AP Physics L/R or AP Physics 1 Science Elective or AP Physics 2
World Geography AP World History AP US History

AP Government (0.05)

AP Macroecomomics (0.05)

World Language World Language (if needed for Magnet Endorsement) World Language (if needed for Magnet Endorsement)  
In-School Elective In-School Elective Electives to complete four period day Electives to complete four period day

Students are encouraged to take World Language Courses through AP Level IV because many colleges will provide up to 12 credit hours with a passing grade and, possibly, up to 15 credit hours with a 4.0 grade average. *

Courses required for graduation may not be taken via dual credit, distance education, or through any other external provider during the second semester of senior year without express written permission from the principal before the school year begins.

• To find AP credit information for selected colleges, please visit,

The Austin Independent School District requires every student take 0.5 credits of Health for graduation. LASA does not teach Health. Students make take Health online through Garza HS during the summer or during the school year (still online through Garza HS).

Printable 4 year plan worksheet