Student Support Options

LASA Study Groups

PFLASA employs qualified tutors tuned specifically to the needs of LASA students.


  • Check Blend for any last minute updates to this schedule.

Where: At LASA, sign into the library and follow the signs for the study group

When: T, W, Th, after school 4:15-6:15pm*

Cost & Registration: Free, No sign-up required. 

Subjects Offered:

  • Chemistry - T, W, Th, after school 4:15-6:15pm
  • Physics - T, W, Th, after school 4:15-6:15pm
  • Biology - T, W, Th, after school 4:15-6:15pm


Math Peer Tutoring

Drop in math tutoring by LASA Peer Tutors

Every day before school and at lunch students can go to the student lounge on the first floor of the T-Annex (the coffee table by the whiteboards) and find math peer tutors available for HW help. Math peer tutors are upper classman who have been vetted by the math department, have completed and passed at least one AP math class, and have completed a tutoring orientation.

Get homework help!

Where: T Annex 1st Floor Student Lounge Area

When: MTWTHF Before School (7:40-8:10 am); Lunch, and by request (ask your teacher for contacts)

Peer tutors are also available for one-on-one tutoring.


Writing Center

Better your writing with the help of upperclassmen tutors!

The English Department has 25 peer tutors (all juniors and seniors) trained and ready to work with students on writing assignments of all kinds.

Where & When: Library Workroom; We are open M-F at lunch for drop-ins (no appointment needed), and before and after school by appointment. Students can schedule an appointment at


Exam Rescheduling Request

If you are scheduled to take three exams in one day, you have the opportunity to reschedule the third exam of the day by completing this form and hand-delivering it to the teacher of the exam that is being rescheduled. You must complete the Exam Rescheduling Request Form at least two school days before the exam you are requesting to reschedule.


Counselor Support Center

Be kind to your mind.