Pass/Fail Courses

The intent of the pass/fail option is to encourage students to take classes that will intellectually push them without fear of receiving a grade that could potentially be detrimental to their GPA. In order for a student to be allowed to take a class pass/fail, the following criteria must be met:

  • The class cannot be a graduation requirement and cannot be used to meet the elective requirement of the student’s graduation plan.
  • The student must be at risk of failing the course (current grade below a 75).
  • Pass/fail requests can be submitted each semester. The paperwork must be submitted no later than the last instructional day of the first six weeks of the first semester.
  • Once a student enrolls in a course on a pass/fail basis, the request to take the course on a pass/fail basis may not be rescinded.
  • Written approval of the counselor, the teacher, and the parent must be acquired prior to placement in a course on a pass/fail basis.