Chromebooks for Student Checkout

LASA students are issued a Chromebook for use during the school year. These devices allow students to access the internet for school-related business, such as online research, assignment submission, online collaboration and communication with teachers and other students, etc. They also can be helpful to students needing access to the web for personal business such as job searching and online test prep.

In order to receive a Chromebook you must complete the following steps:

READ the "Important Chromebook Information for Students and Parents"

SIGN the "Chromebook Consent Form" (NOTE: You must be logged into the AISD Parent Cloud to access consent form).

Electronic Devices Policy

Electronic devices are allowed, but may only be used before/after school, between classes, and during the lunch period. Cell phones cannot be used during class time without permission from the teacher and for academic purposes only. Students are not allowed to use their electronic devices in the hallway during class time.

  • First Offense: $15, pick up at end of day

  • Second Offense: $15, referral, hold for two days, pick up at the end of the second day

  • Third Offense: $15, referral, hold for two days, PARENT required to pick up at the end of the second day