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LASA Communications

Principal's Message

The Principal's Message is a communication tool used by Ms. Crescenzi to give parents information about the happenings at LASA. Written in straightforward language it highlights student/campus successes, discusses concerns, gives context to upcoming events and helps parents think through the complexities of living sanely with teenagers in the house. The PM is electronically sent to all parents of currently enrolled students most Sunday mornings through Naviance. You can not sign up for it.

New to LASA students are not in Naviance until the weekend before school starts each school year.

Current LASA Families: If you are not getting the Principal's Messages or any other communication directly from the school to your email, you may need to update your contact information. To do so, you will need to use the 'Parent Self-Serve' tile in the AISD Parent Cloud. This information is imported into Naviance every evening and will update with any changes from the previous import. This process keeps the Naviance Parent Cloud in sync with our SIS (TEAMS) Parent Contact Information. 

LASA Instagram (no account needed)


Parent Run Communications and Groups

LASA has two very active parent organizations, PFLASA and PTSA, that work well together and have separate missions and goals. Please be part of both to help your student have a successful journey through LASA. Every parent/guardian of a LASA student is automatically part of the Parents & Friends of LASA (PFLASA). The LASA PTSA (Parents, Teachers, Students Association - the high school version of PTA, and a member of Austin Council of PTAs and the Texas PTA) is a membership organization, who advocates for all LASA students at various levels including district and state. Please join the LASA PTSA (link below).

LOL (Lots of LASA E-Newsletter)

The LOL is the e-newsletter put out by the PFLASA group. PFLASA is Parents & Friends of LASA. Teachers, students, and parents submit articles to the newsletter which comes out once a week. Please subscribe here:

Parents Class/ Grade Level Google Groups

CLASS OF 20XX Group – class google group; to sign up, send a blank email to There are many modes of communication at LASA and this one will be used by your grade level for parents only. However, please note that it is not a "LASA sponsored" listserv in anyway, it is a parent group. The class groups are great places to find out about grade specific things, etc. The activity and information on these groups tend to increase as the kids move to the upper grades. To join your class, send a blank email to:

If you need assistance, please email webmaster @ with your class year.

PFLASA (Parents & Friends of LASA) Website To attend a meeting, please visit the LASA calendar for PFLASA meeting dates. To learn about volunteering opportunities, visit the PFLASA volunteer page.

PFLASA Facebook Group*

This is an official communication venue from PFLASA. It is intended to help answer questions and informally discuss LASA events. It is not administered by LASA, only by the parents in PFLASA.

*Only current LASA parents and faculty are allowed into this group. No prospective families and no students. Newly accepted families are welcomed to the group sometime in early to mid April of their application year (2 to 3 weeks after the student accept their seat deadline has passed) . Alum, please visit the LASA Alumni page.

LASA Give/ Trade Facebook Group (Facebook account needed)

Similar to Buy Nothing Neighborhood groups, this is specific to our LASA community. As the faculty/staff need items for school, they will post in this group. This is open to LASA parents/guardians and faculty/staff. Parents/Guardians must be in the main PFLASA FB group to be accepted into this one (please remember to answer all the questions).

PFLASA Zip Code groups

Looking for a carpool? Want to meet other LASA families in your neighborhood? PFLASA has created Google Groups broken out by zip code so you can coordinate get-togethers, car pools, or simply get to know other LASA families in your area! If you're interested in joining, fill out this form and we'll get you added to your zipcode group.

PTSA - LASA Parents, TEachers, STudents, Assocation

LASA PTSA is a member of the Texas PTA and is LASA's advocacy group. Please join here: Each school year, starting July 1, the PTSA runs a membership drive to join for the next school year. Be on the lookout for messages from our PTSA.