Reporting Bullying/ Harassment

Q: To whom can I report bullying/harassment/sexual assault?

A: Please reach out to any of our administrative or counseling staff. You are also welcome to talk with a teacher or other staff member with whom you have a good relationship. However, that person, after hearing you out, will take you to meet with an administrator or counselor.

Q: What happens after I make an outcry?

A: Every situation is unique and what exactly happens may vary based on the specific details of the outcry. What is listed below is the general process you can expect.

  • Student’s voice will be heard with all the information documented. You are welcome to ask for another supportive staff member to be with you during this time.

  • On campus medical care will be provided by our school nurse, if necessary.

  • If not already informed, parents will be called.

  • Initial temporary accommodations could be put in place to assist the student in feeling as safe and supported as possible on campus and at school events.

  • Investigation will take place with witnesses sharing information with LASA Administration and/or AISD police (depending on where the incident took place this could involve Austin PD)

  • We will do our best to make our investigation as quick and unobtrusive as possible.

  • Alleged perpetrator will be interviewed. If this is a student, they can choose to have a supportive staff member with them during this time. If not already informed, parents will be called.

  • When investigation is complete, results will be shared only with the victim, the alleged perpetrator, and their families.

  • Depending on the findings, long-term accommodations, counseling support and disciplinary action could take place.

  • If campus based disciplinary measures are taken, only the student being disciplined will be informed.

Q: What if I do not want my parents contacted?

A: Although it can be difficult for parents to hear about their child being hurt or upset, it is important that the people who care about you are informed. We often give students the option of telling their parents with a supportive staff member of choice in the room or you can ask us to share the details.

Q: What if I do not want the police contacted?

A: Depending upon the nature of the outcry we are required to notify either AISD PD or Austin PD. However, it is up to the student and their family to choose to participate in the interview and to press charges, if appropriate.

Q: What if a friend comes forward, but I do not want to talk about what happened?

A: We will encourage you to let us know what happened. However, if you decide the time is not right for you, we will respect that. You can return at any point when you are ready and we will be there to listen and go through the necessary steps. Depending upon the details we have from your friend, we may still need to contact parents and the SROs.

Q: What other kind of help or support can I receive?

A: We will introduce you to our Wellness Counselors who can have regular meetings or check-ins with you. If you or your family wishes, we can also make recommendations for outside individual, family or group counseling.

Q: What else should I know?

A: As a school, our job is to support all of our students. This means that we will offer services to the alleged perpetrator as well as the alleged victim. Sometimes seeing the alleged perpetrator receive help can make the person making the outcry feel less supported. However, we feel strongly that we are here for all students and providing supports for the alleged perpetrator can keep the incident from happening to someone else in the future.

A: It is not uncommon for students to initially feel more comfortable confiding in their friends. Sometimes well-meaning friends may feel compelled to defend the victim publicly or on social media. This can, at times, look like “calling out” the perpetrator or releasing information the victim intended to keep private. This can be detrimental to all those involved and, in extreme cases, be seen as bullying or harassment by the friends of the victim. If you have these concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to a counselor or administrator. We can assist you in framing the conversations with your friends about their actions and what they can do to support you.

We are here for all students and want you to feel safe and supported at school.