Librarian: Elizabeth Switek


Situated near the front of the school, the library is one of the most dynamic places on campus. Its multi-purpose function lends itself to hosting book clubs, art shows, banquets, meetings, guest speakers and annual exams. However, the primary purpose is to assist faculty and students and support their academic growth and success.

While in the library, students have access to computers, free B/W printing, and a wide variety of school supplies and art materials for projects. They can also check out print books from our large collection. The collection is available for searching at (you can also access the catalog through the Portal by clicking on the AISD Libraries app and selecting High School)

Students also have access to a vast array of virtual resources through the MackinVIA app, including ebooks, audiobooks and 44 databases. MackinVIA can be accessed through the student portal on a Chromebook or by downloading the free app to phones or other devices through the App Store. Students use their portal id and password.

You may contact the librarian at to schedule an Office Hour visit or for questions, ideas, or help with classes and research. You may also call her at (512) 910-5026 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. for immediate needs or just stop by the library. Announcements about book club meetings and other library news will be posted on the LASA Library Blend page as well as Instagram/Twitter by following @LASAlibrary. Parents are encouraged to sign up to receive Blend announcements.

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ProjectLIT Community Book Club

LASA is excited to announce we will continue the LASA ProjectLIT Community Chapter on campus! This is a book club that usually meets about twice a month) to discuss a diverse selection of current literature written by some of today's most influential BIPOC writers.

Please look through the slide show below to learn more about the book club and to see information about the YA books on the reading list. Learn how students are integral to the running of the club, planning the meetings, deciding which titles to read, and selecting community service projects to participate in. Community is also an important aspect...stay tuned for invites to our meetings!

Email Elizabeth Switek, Librarian, to let me know you're interested and would like to get on the mailing list. Stay tuned for announcements about first meetings here and in Blend.

ProjectLIT Community Book Club Slideshow