LASA is pleased to offer Naviance, a comprehensive website that allows students and parents the opportunity to investigate, research, plan for, and manage the college admissions process as well as research careers and corresponding majors.

Through Naviance, you can:

  • Keep track of the admissions process - build a resume, complete on-line surveys, manage timelines and deadlines for the college admissions process, and request transcripts to be sent to colleges or scholarship donors
  • Research colleges - search for colleges based on criteria that you select
  • Sign up for college info sessions (juniors and seniors only) - review which schools are visiting LASA, sign up, and receive reminders
  • Research careers based on your interests
  • View local and regional scholarships
  • Receive updates about campus news and events

For seniors, this tool is critical in facilitating the college application process as we are now able to send transcripts and letters of recommendation electronically through Naviance to Common Application member schools.

Student Access

Login to the portal and find the Naviance tile:

Parent Access

Parents may also create an account that will be linked to their students record. Contact your student's academic counselor to receive your temporary access code.

While Naviance is now available on the AISD portal for both students and staff, parents will still log in here: Naviance did change their password requirements so parents that had accounts will have to reset their password. They can get a temporary password from their student's academic counselor or click forgot password.

We hope that you will find this resource helpful. If you have questions about Naviance, please feel free to contact your student's academic counselor.

Temporary Guest Access

GUESTS to the site may log in with limited feature access with the following password: aisd


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