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Frontline ERP & SIS

screenshot of student report cards tab located in the middle section of the tavs

Report Card listed between attendance and schedule

Student Grades

To View Student's Grades in the Frontline TEAMS system, login to; then click on the TEAMS tile. You will be asked to login again.

Via the App, login into the app and then select Student (click on the Student's name), then "Report Cards".

How grades are calculated each semester in AISD: All AISD high schools will calculate grades on a 40/40/20. That means each 9-weeks is worth 40% of the student’s total semester grade and the semester exam (often called the semester final) will be worth 20% of the grade.

Course Schedule

On the App (Frontline/Teams) or in desktop mode in Frontline SIS Tile (where the grades are), there will be a tab/menu that says schedule.

  • S1 are Fall semester classes

  • S2 are Spring semester classes


Schedule in portal is between email teacher and Registration
Schedule in Portal


Scheduled is after report cards and before campus messages
Schedule in APP
example schedule listed
Schedule in APP

Report Cards & Progress Reports

On a computer: To View Student's Previous Grading Period's Report Card and/or Progress Reports, login to; then click on the STUDENT DOCUMENTATION tile.

On App: This is not currently available on the Frontline (Teams) App.