The LASA math department carries on a tradition of excellence that dates to the founding of the LBJ Science Academy. 

LASA has many Math courses to choose from. We also offer different teaching styles for various course levels.

Our BC classes put an emphasis on learning through inquiry. Class time is spent exploring the theoretical underpinnings of the curriculum with a reduced emphasis on on modeling computational techniques. 

Our AB classes are honors classes with a more traditional teacher-led structure and emphasis on computational fluency.  


Graduation Requirements:

All students must complete Algebra 1 (the only EOC math course), Geometry, and Algebra 2 to satisfy the state of Texas graduation requirements. LASA is proud to offer two honors versions of each of these classes.

Additional Course Offerings:

Once students have completed their graduation requirements there are a variety of paths available. The traditional Calculus path includes PreCalculus, AP Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Multivariable Calculus. Also available to those who have completed Algebra 2 are the following innovative courses, many of which use curriculum developed in house:

  • Advanced Mathematical Reasoning - an inquiry based class covering topics such as graph theory, combinatorics, and finite fields

  • Computation Problem Solving - a project based class on computational number theory that includes a programming component

  • Advanced Placement Statistics - an AP class covering introductory statistics using the programming language R

  • Statistics 2 - a continuation of the stats topics covered in AP Stats

  • Financial Math - a class covering such varied topics as the stock market, interest rates, mortgages, and personal budgeting

  • Number Theory - a proof based class modeled after the Number Theory through Inquiry class offered to advanced undergraduates at the University of Texas

  • Logic - a formal logic class that draws on examples from law, philosophy, set theory, religion, and government