LASA Application Crunch Time!

You are receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in LASA. These emails are designed to help you navigate the application process and keep you up to speed with admission related events. If you do not want to receive emails from LASA, please fill out this form so I can take you off our email-list. 

The deadline to apply to LASA, and to make any changes in Enroll Austin is tomorrow (Tuesday February 6)  at 11:59 PM.

As a reminder, in order for their LASA application to be considered complete, all students need:

  • Enroll Austin Application
  • LASA Supplemental Materials form
  • Creative Project
  • 1 Teacher Recommendation from a Math or Science Teacher
  • 1 Teacher Recommendation from an English or Social Studies Teacher
  • Report Card from Last School Year (AISD students do not need to submit this separately!)
  • Report Card from This School Year (AISD students do not need to submit this separately!)
  • Proof of Residence

If you need more information on any of these items, please see our checklist

We received over a hundred supplemental materials forms over the weekend and as you can probably guess, I won’t be able to get through all of the submitted materials before the deadline.

So, depending on when your student submits (or submitted) their supplemental materials form, you may not get an application status update email before the deadline.

Don’t panic! This is fine! You know what you have submitted. Most students will just get the email letting them know their application is complete. And, if there are issues with any of your submissions, we will reach out after the deadline.

Most of the issues we see are still accessibility problems with creative projects
(usually share settings), partial bills submitted for proof of residence, and report cards that don’t show all the information we need. (Notably: name of school, name of student, final year/fall grades in math, English, science, and social studies, and year or student grade level.) These are normally a quick fix.

If you haven’t heard anything from us by Monday, February 12, 2024, then you have my permission to feel concerned and reach out to us. 

Since the deadline is tomorrow, I will dedicate most of my day tomorrow to help families with issues. You can email me at (fastest way to get a response) or call me at 512-414-5272 ext. 5-6663. 

That being said, I will not answer any questions on application status. I want to focus on people who are having issues that might prevent them from submitting everything in time.

I know what a high stress time this is for families. Just remember, we want your student’s application to be complete just as much as you do! And please trust me when I say we will reach out to you if there are issues and give you an opportunity to fix them.

But remember, if a student does not have an Enroll Austin application with LASA selected by 11:59 PM tomorrow (Tuesday, February 6, 2024), we cannot consider their application. 

So please, if you haven’t already submitted the Enroll Austin application, make that your priority today! 


Now, take a deep breath, relax, you’ve got this!


Good luck with your application!


All LASA Information Emails are available on the Application Updates blog on our website.


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