Latin Club Prevails at UT!

On January 27, LASA Latin Club competed at the Longhorn Certamen tournament at UT. Our two teams, one intermediate and one advanced, each did very well. Congrats to all of LASA's Certamen players!

The Intermediate team, once again composed of the lone Luka Zitkovic, earned a total of 250 points during the three preliminary rounds, progressed to the final round and earned second place with a score of 60 points in finals. Way to go!

The Advanced team, made up of Kai Benton, Phoebe Herbert, and team captain Saffron Liu, earned a total of 625 points during prelims, advancing to finals and earning 125 points there, winning first place again!

Congratulations to all who participated at Longhorn Certamen and thanks to all who organized and volunteered at the event!