33 LASA HS Seniors Named 2024 National Merit Semifinalists

The Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) is proud to announce the names of its 33 semifinalists in the 2023-24 National Merit Scholarship Program. Congratulations to these students in the LASA Class of 2024!

Nationally, approximately 16,000 students were chosen to continue in the 69th annual competition for 7,250 Merit Scholarships worth about $28 million that will be offered next spring. To become finalists, a student must have an outstanding high school academic record, be endorsed and recommended by the school principal, and submit SAT scores that confirm his/her earlier qualifying test performance. Finalists will be announced in February 2024.

  • Saachi Agrawal
  • Sameer Agrawal
  • Samarth Anantuni
  • Daniel T Balic
  • William A Basham
  • Travis P Edwards
  • Ashley C Feng
  • Jack H Fenton
  • Gavin P Firestone
  • Wendy Geng
  • Chaitanya B Ghatty
  • Nathan M Gonzalez
  • Peter W Gregory
  • David Gu
  • Eamonn T Keane
  • Aaron C Lee
  • Nathan Lee
  • Saffron Liu
  • Eunhyo Mah
  • Megan E McIntosh
  • Jai V Nagaraj
  • Aditya Pangal
  • Shifan K Qian
  • Vedanth E Ramanathan
  • Ronak K Regan
  • Finn D Renwick
  • Vedant N Sangani
  • Basmalah S Shafi
  • Advika Sharma
  • Aryan Singh
  • Andrew M Teodorovich
  • Erika H Torii-Karch
  • Gideon A Witchel