LASA ranked #32 in the nation, #4 in Texas on US News & World Report Ranking 2023-2024

Today, the U.S. News & World Report released the 2023 Best High School Rankings. LASA ranks #32 in the nation and #4 in the state of Texas.

All Rankings: #32 in National Rankings; #4 in Texas High Schools, #1 in Austin, TX Metro Area High Schools, #1 in Austin ISD High Schools, and #34 in STEAM High Schools.

Taken from the US World & News Report website, there were only slight changes to these schools' overall scores, which are based on the following six factors:

  • College readiness, based on the proportion of 12th grade students who took and earned a qualifying score on at least one Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exam (30% of ranking).
  • State assessment proficiency, based on aggregated scores on state assessments that students may be required to pass for graduation (20%).
  • State assessment performance, based on whether performance on state assessments exceeded expectations given the school's proportion of underserved students (20%).
  • Underserved student performance, based on how Black, Hispanic and low-income students performed on state assessments compared with those who are not underserved in the state (10%).
  • College curriculum breadth, based on proportions of 12th grade students who took and earned a qualifying score on AP and/or IB exams in multiple content areas (10%).
  • Graduation rate, based on the proportion of students who entered ninth grade in 2017-2018 and graduated four years later (10%).

More information can be found here.