The LASA Film program is comprised of the multiple intro classes

  • Audio Video Production I

  • Audio Video Production II

  • Practicum in AV Production

  • Art of Cinema

We focus on telling fictional narratives in the short film format. At the end of each year we screen the best films from the year in an evening screening at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Audio Video (AV) Production

This is an introduction to digital filmmaking. Students learn film theory, camera, audio, non-linear editing software, art design and other film production standards in order to work through the stages of production and make film projects.

Advanced AV Production

Students build on the skills learned in the introductory class to create various film projects within a longer time frame and using professional equipment. Short films are submitted to SXSW and other film festivals. On-location shoots off-campus, field trips, and guest speakers enhance the quality of the film projects at this level. Overview video

Practicum in AV Production

Students pitch film project ideas and work independently throughout this course to produce the project(s). A professional reel (portfolio) is created and other preparations are made for a career in the film and TV industry.

The Art of Cinema

This course is for students who wish to explore movies and TV in depth. We will analyze the visual, aural, dramatic, thematic, and structural aspects of the motion pictures and series that best depict cinematic art. We will screen films and shows that are culturally relevant, interspersed with discussions, lectures, and written critical response. We will observe voice and style and develop our own by writing works that can later be produced by the Audio Video Production classes. This is an opportunity to be introduced to some lesser-known masterpieces, and look at popular favorites with new cinematic eyes. This course is not a film production class.